GVD Meeting Mine Hill (05-06-2015)DVD Mobile NVR

GVD VMS – Digital Mobile NVR


Thanks to Chinsly Chang, Sales and Solution Manager for Genius Vision Digital, Inc. (GVD) and Jim Molencupp of ABP Technology for coming to Mine Hill today to train Andy Kallistros, Vice President – Technical Support and Bruce G. Kreeger, President / CTO of Clarity Technologies Group, LLC on the new M1141/1262/1182 Mobile NVR. This is one heck of a mobile device!

M1 In-Vehicle Mobile NVR

GVD M1 Series, In-vehicle mobile NVRs, are turnkey products

with embedded Windows 7, built-in 3G/Wi-Fi/GPS/G Sensor, and approved

e13 mark certification, there’re suitable for transpiration solutions, especial

with large scale projects (100~200 Mobile NVRs), including buses, school

buses, vehicles, etc.. It only takes 5~30 minutes to backup video with VMS

Platform (video length of 24~144 minutes and 2MP@25fps with 4.8Mb).

Prebuilt 4/ 6/ 8ch IP Camera Licenses with PoE Ports

Featuring Anti-vibration and Built-in 3G/WiFi/GPS

8ch Full HD Real-time Recording (Max. 32Mb)

Supports 2TB (2.5”) Disk Drive and 516GB (2.5”) SSD

Ruggedness Fanless Design with Corrugated Aluminum

On-board HardwareWatchdog

Prebuilt 4 / 8ch IP Camera Licenses with PoE Ports Featuring Anti-vibration and 3G/WiFi/GPS Support


Available from Clarity Technologies Group, LLC (800-) 354-4160

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