Fanvil SIP Phones are here now. Excellent quality and priced right!

Fanvil Phones

Clarity is excited to announce we have entered into an agreement to sell Fanvil Phones and we have stock available for immediate delivery! Clarity was led to Fanvil by the adoption of this brand by both 3CX.

As always Clarity has vigorously tested the Fanvil product line and we have  been involved in recent firmware suggestions that will both fix some issues we found through testing and we also were able to obtain some unique Features and Functions added to the latest Android Firmware version of the phones.

Fanvil’s line is concentrated in 3 fundamental models of phones.

Two traditional desk sets the X3 and X5G.


The X3P is also POE with dual Fast Ethernet ports (10/100 MBit/s), and 2 Sip extensions.

The X3P targets the low end space for single to dual line phones all in one elegant unit with a small footprint. The phone was designed to blend into modern office fice and is designed to be wide spectrum use general purpose basic IP Phone with a great price point.

Its GUI is very intuitive, buttons have internationally recognizable icons and screen menus are multilingual.


The X5G unit offers 6 SIP extensions with 8 BLF / Speed Dial buttons with a digital desi strip area. On the interface side it has one Gbit POE Ethernet port and one pass-through Gb ethernet switch port. This phone was designed as a office IP Phone to cover the middle market with its freely programmable BLF with digital display that can scroll over several pages of contacts. The keypad and Telephone User Interface are very intuitive. Buttons are designed with  internationally recognizable icons and screen menus are multilingual.


Fanvil’s Video Phone the C600 Android unit is a 7” tablet style phone with 6 SIP extensions, a POE Gb Ehternet port and a Gb Ethernet pass-through port, USB and HDMI ports, Softkey BLF functions, Skype capable, and has an onboard camera.

Here are some of the benefits we found in the Fanvil line that led us to moving forward:

  • New innovative concept of a highly concentrated product line (only 3 models to focus on)
  • Video phone has excellent processor speed and runs smoothly
  • Video phone has Skype integration and built-in 3 way video conferencing
  • C600 has an advanced and clean user interface. It doesn’t look like a tablet with a bunch of app icons but rather has the look of a high-end IP based smart business phone
  • The C600 has exceptional Microsoft Exhange and Google integration boasting total contact synchronization
  • Another unique feature is the way Fanvil presents users their fully synchronized calendars. The desk phone could become the calendar viewer of choice for many users

Quad processor,  large high quality display, sensitive and fast touch screen, sufficient power and memory for extra apps together with an elegant phone interface software and unique Fanvil approach to integration with Exchange and Google make this one of the most advanced and unique IP Phone choices in the market.

Call Clarity Technologies at 800-354-4160 today for more information or to order your new Fanvil phones. 
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