The Top Business Benefits of a Hosted PBX

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The surplus of telecommunications options available for today’s business might be overwhelming for first time shoppers, like small business owners. However, a hosted PBX, a system that makes telephony available via an Internet download and is managed through a third-party service, is a powerful option for entrepreneurs. This system offers a simple, cost effective method for businesses to access advanced communications tools without expensive, infrastructure-heavy systems—an important element for new businesses.

If you’re just now dipping a toe into the Hosted PBX pool, here’s a deep dive of further benefits such as:

Minimal IT support

Especially for small businesses or any business on a tight budget, dedicating IT personnel to maintaining a PBX system may not be realistic. A Hosted PBX enables organizations to get the features and advantages of PBX without having to put staff or resources in place to maintain or troubleshoot the system.

Financial relief

Hosted PBX doesn’t require dedicated space, complex infrastructure, expensive software or hardware, or purchasing of new components when businesses need to make changes. As such, businesses can enjoy less stress on the company’s bottom line and more features and functionality for little upfront investment.


Unlike a legacy phone system, a Hosted PBX is capable of maintaining access to communications in the face of a power outage or other disaster. That is, unforeseen events won’t take your business offline which, in turn, boasts decreased productivity lulls.

Robust features

A Hosted PBX enables businesses to integrate Web-based interactions with telecommunications. That is, remote employees can easily access their company’s communication tools—like instant chat or Web conferencing—no matter their location so long as they have Internet accesses. In addition, a Hosted PBX augments customer service interactions as consumers can call businesses by simply clicking a button on a website—that is, the phone call is transmitted virtually.
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