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School in the news!The importance of school security was emphasized in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre that happened over one year ago and districts all over the country are taking measures to heighten school security plans. At Belleville Public School of New Jersey, a $2 million security system upgrade has been implemented for the protection of students and teachers. The new system includes more than 800 GeoVision Fisheye Cameras covering every classroom, corridor and stairwell in all nine of the district’s buildings. Parking structures and outdoor premise are also secured with over 100 weather and vandal proof GeoVision outdoor IP cameras. Throughout the school, movements of any intruder can be tracked from a 360° angle and police are able to watch all of it unfold in real time. Furthermore, unauthorized personnel are kept out using GeoVision access control that require proper identification cards at entryways. The system was installed by Clarity Technologies Group, LLC of Mine Hill, NJ.

Equipment Used

800 cameras implemented across school campus!IP Cameras
GeoVision 2MP Fisheye Camera GV-FE2301 for 360° coverage of classrooms and hallways. Outdoor premise is covered by the IK10 vandal resistant and IP67 ingress protected Mini Rugged Dome GV-MDR220 and Speed Dome GV-SD220S.

Access Control
To secure the school’s entryways, GeoVision GV-DFR1352 is installed at the door frames to recognize identification cards. The doors are controlled by the GV-AS400 and GV-AS210 through the user-friendly GeoVision ASManager software.

“By the end of the day we knew that if it could happen in a cozy community like Newtown, Conn., that it could certainly happen anywhere.”          – Joe Longo, Board of Education Trustee

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